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Incident Response / Rescue

Logistics & Materials

Engineering & Design

Commercial Building

Industrial Construction 

Fire Protection Services  

Safety Management

Site Medical Services 


Defense / EOD

Military  & Government Services  


Guardian Worldwide is company does business on a global basis but specializes in a few select fields. We were founded in 2006 and are Headquartered in Naples, FL, but have experience doing business in the U.S. and around the world.


We have divisions in Engineering Procurement & Construction, Government Services, Fire Protection Services, Emergency Management and Rescue, Security, Post Incident Recovery, Post Storm Mitigation, Site Safety Management, Site Medical Clinics, Logistics, Material Supply, Specialty Retail Fronts, and where our roots began 

in Personnel Services Management in both a full time and temporary

aspect. We also have a nonprofit entity called VetNav where we

work to assist service connected disabled veterans and their families

in a few different ways. Visit VetNav.Com for more information on this

cause. Our teams have specific hands-on experience in their

respective fields. We are here to serve our clients and realize

without our clients, we would be nowhere.


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