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Who Do I Report To

Compensation is obviously the key question when it comes to work. We offer some of the best compensation for the industry, including base compensation, and for top recruiters of the quarter, and year bonuses, and other rewards . Please submit your resume / CV to us and if you fit what we are looking for, we can discuss more package information.

Can I Work From Home

Yes, you can work from home or on the road. We have an office head quartered in Naples, Florida and you can work from there if you like structure and choose to do so, but there is no pressure to come into the office at any point in your employment with us.

What Is The Work Schedule

Aside from the potential for GREAT compensation, this is one of the best benefits to recruiting for Guardian Worldwide! You can work whatever hours that best fit your schedule.

You will be assigned an Account Executive, unless you are being recruited by one. You will pass your information to this Manager who will then review your submission for potential fits with clients and then take the candidate from there. Of course, advising you along the way as to the status of the candidate you have started working with. If they are successfully placed, you will be paid for your work.

You must have a minimum of five (5) years of verifiable experience in either Human Resources, or in a position working in the field you want to recruit for. Both strong people and time management skills are essential attributes we are looking for in a successful recruiter.

What Is the Available Compensation

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