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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Recruiter or Account Executive with Guardian Worldwide. Please contact our Director of Operations at : for more information or any questions you might have about the process. Have a safe day!

If you are not ready to jump into recruiting, then consider simply referring candidates to our Account Executives. We pay referral bonuses based on successful placements of candidates to the people who refer them to us. Check out our Referral FAQs for more information about this. 

If you think you fit the bill as a Recruiter or Account Executive, the rewards for hard work can be exceptional when we perform at our peak, so what are you waiting for? Contact us at the information link below for more information about joining our team.

Ideally, if you wish to recruit for Guardian Worldwide, you must have a minimum of five (5) years of verifiable experience in either Human Resources, or in a position working in the field you want to recruit for. Both strong people and time management skills are essential personal attributes if you wish to be successful working for us.

We set a higher bar than the rest of the 3rd party recruiting industry as we strive to provide the paramount experience for each and every one of our clients with every candidate we send over to them. We accept nothing less than exceptional quality service all the time.

You MUST have a verifiable background in your specialized field to be considered for a position.

Guardian Worldwide's standards are some of the highest in the world for the recruiting industry when it comes to the selection of our recruiters.

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