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How Many Times Can I Be Paid For Each Referred Candidate?

You can refer each person once. Once they have been placed, you are paid the fee one time. If we place them again in the future after they leave a firm, then there is no second referral fee. Sorry!

Does My Referral Expire

The referral fee is based on the level of the candidate that you refer to us. Contact us for more information as the fee can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

How Many Referrals Can I Make To You

As many as you want. The more you send us, the better the chances we will get a match.

When Do I Receive The Referral Fee

Due to the nature of our business and the guarantees we place on candidates, you will receive the fee for a successful placement with a firm after the timeframe when our guarantee with the client has expired. This is generally at most within 4 months of the start of work for the referred candidate.. 

Your referral to us will never expire, except upon death. Once you send someone to us, if we place them, we will pay you the referral fee.

We constantly have different positions come available for jobs worldwide. You can either contact us directly to find out if we have a current position we are seeking for your referral or just send us the resume / CV with a note that it is a referral and we will note this in the candidate file. 

What Is The Referral Fee

Referral FAQs 

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